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Paula is living proof that the strategies she teaches work. As she has implemented these strategies in her life, I have watched her grow from feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and frustrated to living with peace, joy, freedom, and abundance.

Shelby, Practitioner, Emotion Code/Body Code

“With such an amazing soul, Paula provided me with her personal resources and guidance, which elevated my mind, changed my thought process, and most importantly, released burdens that would have inhibited my growth. For that, I’m forever grateful!”

Dominique, Director, Senior Services

“I felt stuck and defeated – no job, old car, no savings, no place to live. Paula’s work helped me change my mindset. I aligned it all in a 2-week time frame – a new job, a new car, and a great place to live! Finally, I am so blessed to be living in my happy place!”

Janice, Coffee Barista

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