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Happiness is an inside job

By doing the necessary inner work, you can organically manifest the life of your dreams.

Hello Friend, I’m Paula

I’m an Award-winning Author, Wellness and Spiritual Teacher, and Creator of the LIVE FREE Process. My mission is to help others live a life of freedom, abundance, and purpose.

The best journey in life is the journey back to yourself.

I hope you’ll find this website to be a solid home base of the journey from where you stand today to the prosperous and joyful life you’ve always deserved to live; I plan to keep expanding it with inspirational and informative blogs and books, breakthrough workshops, downloadable meditations, and other resources created especially for you.


Discover the Keys to Success: Uncover 10 Blocks and How to Fix Them Quickly

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Unlock the secrets to manifesting the life you deserve. Overcome obstacles standing between where you are now and where you need to go. In this illuminating e-book, you will discover 10 common blocks that hinder the manifestation process and learn powerful techniques to overcome each one.

An Incredible Milestone on My Path to Success and Fulfillment

Keys to Authenticity co-authors Jack Canfield and Paula Wright

Last year, I was invited to contribute to the highly anticipated book The Keys to Authenticity by Jack Canfield, renowned author of the CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE SOUL series.

This amazing opportunity brought together leading entrepreneurs from around the world to share their strategies to find fulfillment, meaning, purpose, and success in life and business.

But that’s not all! I’m thrilled to announce that I received the prestigious Editor’s Choice Award for my contribution to the book!

I’m honored beyond words to be recognized for my unique perspective and insights gained along my journey toward authenticity and success.

Download your FREE eBook Here

This groundbreaking book is your guide to unlocking the hidden potential within you, paving a way for a life filled with authenticity, fulfillment & success.

I Can Help You:

Get Clarity on Your Soul’s Purpose

Identify and Transform Limiting Beliefs

Manifest your Heart’s Desires

Massively Shift your Energy Vibration

Create an Action Plan for your Life


Experience the Power of Paula Wright: Master Law of Attraction Coach endorsed by Victoria Gallagher, Worldwide Authority on the Law of Attraction.

Experience the Power of Paula Wright: Master Law of Attraction Coach endorsed by Victoria Gallagher, Worldwide Authority on the Law of Attraction.

Transform your Life with Paula Wright from Secret Millionaire's James Malinchak!

Transform your Life with Paula Wright from Secret Millionaire's James Malinchak!

Paula is living proof that the strategies she teaches work. As she has implemented these strategies in her life, I have watched her grow from feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and frustrated to living with peace, joy, freedom, and abundance.

Shelby, Practitioner, Emotion Code/Body Code

“With such an amazing soul, Paula provided me with her personal resources and guidance, which elevated my mind, changed my thought process, and most importantly, released burdens that would have inhibited my growth. For that, I’m forever grateful!”

Dominique, Director, Senior Services

“I felt stuck and defeated – no job, old car, no savings, no place to live. Paula’s work helped me change my mindset. I aligned it all in a 2-week time frame – a new job, a new car, and a great place to live! Finally, I am so blessed to be living in my happy place!”

Janice, Coffee Barista

Welcome to the Live Free Process

These are the Steps:

1. Make a Decision

If you’re ready for change, declare so today. The time has come to stop wishing for your dream life and start manifesting. You have the power to either stand in your own way or propel yourself forward.

2. Identify One Thing to Focus On

Do you want to make more money? Achieve and enjoy career success? Find true love and build a healthy and lasting relationship. Strengthen social connections? Live with less stress and more joy? Start with one goal, and then build upon that success!

3. Show Commitment

If you’re like I was, you’ve spent plenty of time, energy, and money on other things, so are you finally ready to invest in yourself and make your dream life a priority?

4. If So, Let’s Start!​

Register for my 2-Day Breakthrough Workshop Today!

In a room filled with positive energy and affirmation, listen, share, and learn – together we’ll progress from baby steps to take giant strides closer to our goals.

Thrilled and honored to be featured on the cover of WomLEAD Magazines July issue!

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