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Award-winning Spiritual Wellness and Transformation Coach I Speaker I Author

I went from years of living with chronic stress, anxiety, work-life imbalance, desiring more in life and often feeling “stuck”
( despite feeling I was doing everything right) to quickly manifesting the life of my dreams.

In a world where the norm dictates sacrificing time and health to pursue success, I understand the exhaustion and longing for a different path.

I experienced the frequent overwhelm of being a sensitive empath, the challenges of single parenting, financial struggles, and later the stress of caregiving for both parents.
However, through my own journey, I discovered a transformative truth.

There’s another way…

By delving into our inner workings and embracing our role as co-creators with God, manifestation becomes not just a goal but a natural expression of our deepest desires.

With the right tools and mindset, the process becomes almost effortless.

Abundance is your birthright

I came to learn that we experience our greatest battles right before our greatest breakthroughs and that abundance is our birthright.

You have to be in alignment to manifest

I lived with chronic stress...continually giving out in every area, and not receiving back equally, put me in a tailspin...I decided I was done living this way. I was guided to do some very specific work to release energy and emotional blocks, break generational strongholds, expand my vision and my life changed quickly and beyond my greatest dreams.

My life changed quickly and beyond my greatest dreams.

After all the years of doing it the world's way, when I did this work -- boom! My life changed just that quickly.

I’m here to guide you

We’re in the throes of a powerful shift in global consciousness, moving towards a new era on earth. I'm here to guide you through this paradigm shift, helping you unlock your true potential and align with the divine blueprint for your life.

Together, let's embrace the manifestation journey and fulfill the desires placed within you by a loving Creator.

The best is yet to come!

About You

About You

Are you feeling stuck? Is your life not working out the way you hoped? Do you see others living with purpose, joy, and abundance that you can’t seem to manifest? If so, you’re in the right place.

Out of curiosity or by referral, your journey has brought you here. My mission is to serve as your guide and coach. If you choose to work with me, we’ll venture on a path that will take you from where you stand today to where you want to be in the months and years ahead.

Along my path, I made some mistakes, took some dead-end roads, and course-corrected several times. My goal is to use these life lessons to help you fast-track your journey by focusing on proven methods, strategies, and best practices.

Fun Facts About Me:

I'm a nature lover, and fall is my favorite season. Since I've lived in Seattle, I haven't needed to drive a car, thanks to our amazing walk score of 99. It's been quite liberating! On top of that, I'm a registered yoga teacher, blending spirituality and wellness on my journey.


I invite you to join me on social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram @paulawrightofficial.com


Assistant to Paula

Ziggy is my loyal 15-year-old cockapoo. I've had him since he was 8 weeks old. With a playful and curious spirit, his zest for life is contagious. He adores people, enjoys sneaky antics, and is always ready for an adventure outdoors. Ziggy's philosophy: Embrace freedom and happiness at every turn.


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