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About Paula

Paula Wright

Author, Wellness & Spiritual Teacher, and Creator of the LIVE FREE Process.

I lived with chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and constantly feeling overwhelmed for many years. I was a single parent dealing with work-life imbalance and caregiving for my parents as an only child.

I felt like I was doing everything right – tirelessly giving to my family, employers, and community – but I wasn’t receiving back as I should have. Nor was I manifesting the greatest desires of my heart, despite all my efforts and dedication to spiritual growth.

I decided I wanted more freedom and time to fully live my passions.

Energy is everything!

As I began practicing yoga as a gateway to inner peace and stress reduction, a greater transformation began to occur.

This awakening led me to do deeper and more meaningful inner work. I learned about the connection of universal, spiritual ENERGY to my thoughts, emotions, and entire life. I discovered I had many unconscious limiting beliefs holding me back and that many of the energy blocks weren’t even mine but were passed down by my ancestors.

When I did the inner work to release these beliefs and heal my emotions, I automatically opened energetic channels, and my life changed rapidly!

Today, I’m living my dream life, fulfilling my purpose in my soul place. My reality is a life I once only dreamed of and it keeps getting better, with new experiences, connections, and achievements that go beyond what I ever thought would be possible!

The LIVE FREE Process is a roadmap to release limiting beliefs and align your heart, thoughts, energy, emotions, and beliefs with your desires to manifest them naturally and authentically.

Simple shifts in your beliefs and energy can profoundly change your life.

In 2020, after a 20+ year successful career in the non-profit sector, I answered my true calling. I left an executive-level job, moved to my soul sanctuary (Seattle, Washington), and created the LIVE FREE Process to teach others the strategies that transformed my life.

We are in the throes of a powerful shift in global consciousness, moving towards a new era on Earth represented by an awakening to our true nature as spiritual beings, where we become more attuned to our true selves and potential, and embody the principles of love, compassion, connectedness, and justice. I refer to it as the era of Christ-consciousness and heart-centered living.

I want to inspire you to embrace this new era and unlock your full potential. The best is yet to come!

About You

About You

Are you feeling stuck? Is your life not working out the way you hoped? Do you see others living with purpose, joy, and abundance that you can’t seem to manifest? If so, you’re in the right place.

Out of curiosity or by referral, your journey has brought you here. My mission is to serve as your guide and coach. If you choose to work with me, we’ll venture on a path that will take you from where you stand today to where you want to be in the months and years ahead.

Along my path, I made some mistakes, took some dead-end roads, and course-corrected several times. My goal is to use these life lessons to help you fast-track your journey by focusing on proven methods, strategies, and best practices.

Fun Facts About Me:

Since I’ve lived in Seattle, I haven’t needed to drive a car, thanks to our amazing walk score of 99. It’s been incredibly liberating! On top of that, I’m a registered yoga teacher and an ordained Christian minister blending spirituality and wellness in my journey.

Personal Life

When I’m not immersed in fulfilling work that feels more like a passion, I embrace the joys of life. Dancing, music, exploring new destinations, unleashing my creativity, savoring delicious food, and cherishing moments with my beloved dog Ziggy are some of my greatest pleasures. Additionally, I find immense fulfillment in spending quality time with my adult son and prioritizing self-care as a dedicated wellness warrior.


I invite you to join me on social media: Facebook, Instagram @paulawrightofficial, and YouTube at Yoga with Paula. I welcome you to attend one of my upcoming Breakthrough Workshops. Thank you for visiting, and I’m excited about the journey ahead! Paula


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